31 Jan 2016

January Moodle links

Here are some interesting Moodle-related news from the month of January:

~ Gavin Henrick shared his favourite Moodle plug-ins of 2015

~ Teaching with Moodle MOOC started the week of January 18th

~ Moodle user association opened its doors for members (via MoodleWorld)

~ Moodle Moblie 2.8 release

~ Say "Thank you" to Martin Dougiamas #thanksMartin (via MoodleNews)

~ January MoodleMoots:

   Michigan Moot (January 7-8, 2016) #mimoodlemoot

~ Upcoming MoodleMoots

   Moot India (February 6, 2016 #mootin)
   Moodle Moot Japan (February 21-23, 2016)

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